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Maximising optical performance in high-bandwidth computing applications

Maximising optical performance in high bandwidth computing applications_popup

Recently TE connectivity options has released its Ruggedised optical Backplane Interconnected System (RoBIS). The ROBIS basically features a fibre optic ribbon cable that goes through the backplane on a removable system that will use MT Ferrules. It will be providing a high density data card configuration that will be meeting its requirement of attaining the high bandwidth for computing the applications such as HD video images that are required to optical infrastructure. Some of the other application areas are electronics based vehicles, imaging systems, target processings, and the aerospace and defence applications. 

It is designed to provide the maximum optical performance it comes in its full size VTA 66.1 modules that is also having two MT ferrules which are half the width . It will be providing  ±0.25mm planar floating alignment capability. Connectors mounting help to tackle the vibrations and the locating post ensure paper to be in the place.

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