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Maple Electric


Interestingly our upcoming future technology will be powered up and pumped by the unusual source of energy that has to be the goodness of a tree. Researchers ta the University of Washington are setting up discoveries for more and more good reason so as to hug the trees. We would be loving planting trees in our sectors at it will be a source of energy for all of us.  The trees consists of bioelectric power and properties in them that can be used up as the electric power in the electronic devices and circuits. This source of power could be soon used up as the mode of charging our devices and gadgets.

Trees just produce a very small amount of power but the team has developed a power booster that will increase that power to generate the 1.1volt of energy from the maple tree. Because it will advance in our future electronics and our smartphones will be moving towards less and less power consumption thus these tress will be a vital source for the same.

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