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Manipulating wrinkles could lead to graphene semiconductors




Graphene is basically a two dimensional substance that has atoms of carbon spread on a sheet like regular structure.  But if we talk about the reality grapheme can form wrinkles that can be structurally more complicated. According to the report it can form junction like structure that can change fro a zero gap conductor to a semiconductor. This is a new method deduced where the grapheme will be converted to  semiconductor not by chemical means but by the addition of other elements by manipulating its chemical structure and this process is termed as “ Graphene Engineering “.

They have made these tiny wrinkles using scanning tunneling microscopy and deduced that there was band gaps in the openings that could literally behave as semiconductors. Initially it was taken as some magnetism property inheritance  and the other related to the confinement of electrons. According to Yousoo Kim who is the head of the researching team this effort will manipulate the electronic configuration and lead to different electrical devices. It can also make some more grapheme structure if fully successful.

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