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Magnets behaves as Ice, Water and Steam


(PSI) Paul scherrer Institute researchers have created a synthetic material that is around 1 billionth of ma magnet. It has been stated that the magnetic properties of this so called metamaterial will change its state with change in its temperature just like water states as Solid , liquid or gaseous. This metamagnets material can be taken into consideration for future applications such as for more efficient information transfer.

This synthetic material is created from 1 billion nano magnets that have states depending on the phase transition, similarly as steam, ice and water. As observed by a team headed by Laura Heyderman from PSI. The most important aspect of this metamatrial is that it can be synthesized easily and freely. While the noraml atoms in the batural materials can not be rearranged with this type of precision point on such a grand scale.

Honeycomb of nanomagnets

The magnets are actually only 63 nanometer long just like a grain of rice. The researchers will be using a higly advance technique to combat its properties to place 1 billion of these nanomagnets on a flat surface so as to make a large honeycomb pattern. And in all it would range to Five millimetres. When this metamaterial was cooled down they reached a point where those tiny materials will be acknowledging each other.  On taking the temperature to fell further, there was another change that was noticed  towards an even higher order, where the arrangement appeared almost frogen. The Order was similar of water molecules increases in a similar way at the moment when water freezes into ice. “We were fascinated by the fact that our synthetic material displayed this everyday phenomenon of a phase transition,” says Heyderman.

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