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Lithium battery protection IC delivers high-precision low-power performance

Lithium battery protection IC delivers high precision low power performance_popup

Recently it has been published that Diode Incorporated has released a AP9101C IC that is designed to provide overall protection to the lithium cell or the lithium polymer batteries. This device will be capable of turning off external MOSFET and then detect the over charge voltages as well  along with over discharges and over charge current abnormalities. This will be very helpful in consumer market related to the smartphones, cameras and the portable devices.

Its high Precision voltage detection will be way useful and cover full -40 to 85 degree Celsius of temperature range . this in short claims to increase the maximum battery lifetime and will operate in charge and discharge cycles. This will be also featuring a built in time delay circuit that will enhance the functionality and will thus require no external capacitors.


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