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Light converts to DC current by World’s First Optical ” Rectenna”

US scientist have assembled a new optical rectenna, that would be useful to convert light into DC current. This device uses an array of carbon nanotubes, that functions like a tiny antenna, that will be capturing the light and converting the AC into DC current there and than. It has almost taken 40 years to reach at this development of converting light into current. This would convert heat waste into the efficient electricity without cooling it.
A team of Georgia Institute has released in the press” This rectenna is an antenna which is equipped with diodes, but the more close you go from antenna to diode, it becomes more and more efficient as one of the metal diode.” These nano tubes are then coated in aluminum oxide which is an electric insulator, and layers of calcium and aluminum is placed over the anodes. This metal insulator electric diode is the world’s fastest diode which can switch on and OFF at a high speed of petahertz speed which is 1 quadrillion times per second. This is basically the only diode that open and close at the speed of solar energy oscillating in an antenna.



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