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Leti ‘close’ to demonstrating qubits on an SoI process


CEA-Leti has recently announcedthat they are demonstrating the quantum bit or say it qubit that is a process using the silicon on the insulator known as CMOS platform. According to the french Rand D organisation this leading solid state approach will be used in semiconductors qubits , they will include spin qubits, as earlier demon stared as III-V materials. The y will have limited life time that would be coupled between electron spins and nuclear spins of the elements.
They are working n the purified silicon 28 that has been approved to have attractive properties , but according to CEA Leti the main challenge in front of them is to define the elementary cells that will be compatible with circuit up scaling.  Working along with Inac Leti is confirmed to develop the original CMOS VLSI approach, that was created beneath the gates of the n type transistors, that will work at temperature less than 0.1 K


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