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LED price drops due to slowing demand

Demand of lED are slowing down and in that phase the lED bulbs and Componets are seeing price drops, as claimed by TrendForce researchers. according to the report the global price of 40 W LED bulbs fell 1.5 percent in August to US $10.9, while for 60W LED bulbs it fell 2.3 %.
Us has marked the biggest decline in LED bulbs prices after July as some of the product vendors like CREE and phillips are now using promotional deals and low price drives to capture the market shares again.

moreover, Chinese LED and chip manufacturers have been trying to expand their capacities and pulling down components price during the low demand phase. And thus it has become more and more heated up. Subsequently,  prices of 0.2W 2825 LED products fell in August with a decline of 1.36 percent on average. Prices for 0.5~1W 3030 products also fell, with decline reaching 2.15 percent.

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