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Lab scientists to help build world’s first total-body PET scanner




Scientists from Berkley lab have built the world’s first PET that is total body positron emission tomography scanner. This is a image managing device that will be changing the way we diagnose and test the cancer and some other diseases. This project was led by a group UC Davis team, that included scientists from Berkley lab and University of Pennsylvania.  It has been recently been supported by $15.5 million transformative Research Award from National Health .

Its basic goal is to build a PET scanner that will take images from entire body of the human simultaneously. This is far better than today’s PET scanner and in addition to this it also contain a diagnose pattern to track the trajectory of a disease. A total body scanning will also reduce the patient’s body exposed to the radiation by 40 percent that will be done in approximately 20 to 30 seconds.  It contains a radioactive tracer that will be transmitting at the targets where ,metabolic process are specific when the patient is treated.

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