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Kinect Technology

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The Kinect technology was basically  developed by Microsoft as “Project Natal” and it is based upon the sensory system platform that is normally created by  the PrimeSense that is a company in Tel Aviv. This projects sets its platforms on the room that is near infrared light and then captures the reflected rays along side. It holds a complex algorithm under it that basically collects all the data and then the other sensors starts identifying it and recognize everything related in the room.

Although it has so much to outcast but still according to Microsoft they have not yet started something great and this is just the beginning of this technology. Thus in this case researchers have deduced a way through which they will be using the electromagnetic waves that surrounds our house , vehicles, and cars to identify and find things around us by using electromagnetic field frequency . Thus accordingly we may soon be able to control anything we want at our home that is electrical just by the wink of our eyes or uttering a word.

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