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IoT now has a new wireless technology


IoT has a new wireless technology which is backed by the influential supporters  Intel, Nokia and Ericsson. A narrow band version of 4G LTE. encompassed with NB-LTE, developed for Internet of Things.

Unlike Huawei of China that believes that there can be much better ways of using the existing networks, Nokia supports NB-LTE. IoT devices will only transmit small data, not for smartphones that require large data downloading like videos on a larger bandwidth. Inspite of this its requirement is to gain access over small data for the processing of IoT devices of low power. The advantage NB-LTE has is that it will build on the proliferation of 4G LTE networks, requiring only an upgrade to existing infrastructure to support IoT services.

“Cellular networks already cover 90 percent of the world’s population so it makes sense to leverage this global footprint to support and drive IoT adoption through the standardization of narrow-band LTE,”said Thomas Norén, head of radio product management, Ericsson.

Intel will start supplying chips for narrow band LTE in 2016. Intel will work with Nokia and Ericsson to upgrade to its existing networks and roll out the machine_to_machine communication.


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