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Intelligent power modules enable efficient, reliable appliances

Intelligent power modules enable efficient reliable appliance_popup

STMicroelectronics has released its 600V power module that is a second generation intelligent SLIMM power module. this device has been claimed to properly enhance the overall reliability and efficiency of the domestic as well as industrial appliances such as the motor drives in the compressors and pumps and fans. These devices are targeted to work up to 20 KHZ in circuits. This ST module will be available to increase the overall efficiency over application power outputs from the 300 W to 3 KW.

This device was built on the immense success of the ST’s SLIMM family that are dual line modules. This will be providing connection between the low voltage micro-controllers and the mains motor. it can replace 10 active components. Henceforth will reduce the cost of the application by enabling the smaller heat sinks.


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