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Intel to convert plant from processors to 3D-NAND Flash chips


Intel is all set to convert its Fabrication plant in Dalian China from a typical processor chips to a 3D NAND flash chips . 3D NAND flash is currently in great demand across the globe, as it is the most advance chipset.  For this they will have to invest around US$5.5 billion.
They particularly aim at making the chip by the second half of 2016 to fulfill the demand. This will not only boost profit for the company but also raise China’s Storage and memory market across the globe.

Intel has recently decided to upgrade its production of 3D-NAND chips. It will also try to to take advantage of china’s increasing NAND demand in the market. It will be making high level of products and profits with this new thought. Chinese government is set to launch domestic memory industry thus this step could benefit them to reap fruits from this scheme. According to DRAMeXchange China is all set to make US$6.67 billion by these NAND flash in 2015. Which is approximately amounting to 29.1 percent of the industry’s total revenue. Company is also planning to stand in the top lost for making the NAND demand fulfilled by its industry in 2016 and meeting the global demand.

Dalian’s Fab 3D NAND flash will be 30,000 to 40,000 wafers in the first month of the production. Where Intel and Micron will be collaborating in this project to work on 3D NAND flash  and 3D X point technologies.  Dalian Fab is all set to meet the global demand of SSD in the market by making the products. They will work immensely to upgrade the industry demand .

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