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Infineon’s S5 IGBT is efficient and robust

Infineons S5 IGBT is efficient and robust_popup

With the release of S5 IGBT Infineon Technologies have introduced  a ultra thin based wafer TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBT. This is a range that has been developed basically for AC/DC energy conversions that helps in industrial switching up to 40 KHz. that is normally seen in Photovoltaic or UPS that is Uninterrupted power supplies. This S5 device will be very efficient as claimed that will take up the high energy yield levels to 98% for the solar cells installations and reduce its cost deliberately. It will be way robust and quality product designed to mark upto 20 years of operational lifetime designing.
This IGBT feature which is very distinctive and discrete will help in reducing the complexity of the circuit and therefor automatically reducing its cost by eliminating the need of capacitors and Zener diodes.  This quality is further enhanced by 25 percent . It can maintain its operations at higher temperature as well .




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