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Infineon’s µHVIC range for flexible PCB layouts

Infineons uHVIC range for flexible PCB layouts_popup


Infineon Technologies has taken out its range of Integrated Circuits µHVIC for the high and the low voltages. This is a single low side drivers like IR44252L and IR 44272L that will be enabling robust and a cost effective design . This range will be utilizing the voltage junction technology and will be providing integrated protection feature also. Along with the SOT23 package this is a single channled driver that will work on 5 to 20 V . This will sink the current to IR44252L along with 300 and 550 mA. It is having a turn off and on delay of 50ns that is way to fast and turn rise  and turn off fall time of 10ns.  This driver family basically consists of seven in all devices that will help inpower system development that includes  the IRS25752L, IRS20752L and IRS10752L (600, 200 and 100V) single channel high-side drivers, and the IRS25751L high-voltage start-up IC (480V).


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