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Industry’s first transistor arrays with DMOS FET source-output driver

Industrys first transistor arrays with DMOS FET source-output driver_popup

Toshiba has recently came up with a new transistor array that is the  TBD62783A series  that is claimed to be highly efficient array of transistor it is also claimed that it is the industry’s first DMOS FET type of source output driver . that will be succeeding its TD62783 series in a bipolar manner of transistor array that will be cutting down the cost of power loss of  upto 40 percent and thus is very suitable in applications such as LED drivers.
It will be also launching the TBD62083A series with a DMOS FET type sink- output driver, it can be used in the motor relays and the LEDs. These devices are capable of supporting the large range of devices with low on resistance and will reduce the power losses.


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