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Industry’s first DMOS FET transistor arrays with 1.5A sink-output driver

Industrys first DMOS FET transistor arrays with 1 5A sink output driver_popup

Toshiba has recently came up with a TBD62064A series  and another TBD62308A series that are veruy efficeinet transistors. They are basically taransistors array and will be featuring a DMOS FET sink output driver. This device is basically claimed to be the industry’s first ever DMOS FET transistor array that too with 1.5 A sink output driver taht will used in applications like air conditioners, LED drivers, Relays, ATM,s and slot machines.

Toshiba has all through adopted DMOS FET output drivers that will be used for rte new products to make them more secure and high efficient in their work  as they required power less . They will not require the base current and will be accepting the current density as per the device area.  This TBD62xxxA series of transistor array has a  power loss cut by 38 percent as compared to the previous bipolar transistor series.


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