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Industrial multi-touch display kit for interactive HMI applications

Industrial multi touch display kit for interactive HMI applications_popup

Advantec has recently launched the IDK 1110P 10.4 industrial display kit that is multi touch in nature. This IDK 1110P featuring a 1024 * 768 of the high resolution display that will be a better visual performance and is designed with high project capacities touch technology to enhance its features and thus providing it five point touch on simultaneous basis.

This rugged and well easy display kit can be easily used from the edge to edge designed applications . It supports the uSBb , I2C and URAT interfaces in it . It will also be providing superior intuitive UI for the high end users  that require multi touch applications such as in case of HMI, POS and kiosks.  This LCD panel will be operating on the temperature range of -20 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius.  an guarantees a 3 year longevity support.  It will also be providing multiple view angles of 88°/ 88°/ 88°/ 88° for better all-round viewing.




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