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Hydrogen helps graphene based Li-ion batteries run faster and longer


Scientist at the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in the us have been putting their efforts in finding the lithium batteries that can be operating for more longer time and they have deduced one that will be doing so as their electrodes are been treated in hydrogen . This has significantly increased the performance of the batteries and it was a breakthrough for the real world applications as stated by the Jianchao Ye, who is the president of LLNL’s material and science division .
According to the working team there are many characteristics of lithium ion batteries such as its voltage, energy density that can be linked between the ions and the electrode materials. The researchers have discovered the hydrogen treated graphene nanofoam that will be showing their results apparently. It will making the transport of the electrons more faster and efficiently. Basically hydrogen interacts with the defects in teh graphene electrodes. and thus making the ions to flow more easily.
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