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‘Hybrid’ logic gate demonstrated as work towards quantum computer continues

Hybrid logic gate demonstrated as work towards quantum computer continues_popup

Oxford University researchers have recently  published a report stating that how they are progressing their work in the field of quantum physics and energy  accordingly termed as Quantum Information Technologies NQIT Hub. This os on of the leading technologies that is been tapped in the atomic ins and work on the principal goal of the NQIT projects thus developing the constituents elements .
 According to Professor David Lucas of Oxford’s Department of Physics said: “Each trapped ion is normally  used to represent one ‘quantum bit’ of information. This  states of the ions are controlled by the laser pulses of precise frequency and duration. Two of the different species of ion will be needed in the computer: under which one to store information, a ‘memory qubit’, and one to link different parts of the computer together via photons, an ‘interface qubit’.”


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