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High power RF amplifiers for military use

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ETL systems have recently launched a range of all new RF power amplifiers that are required in application of military use. This is designed for electronic warfare applications on the cream like broadband frequency jamming and the EMC testing.  These modules can be either fixed or movable in terms of terminals depending upon its terrestrial use and application  from point to point and to multipoint. This will be offering high range of frequencies  including 20 to 500MHz, 500 to 2700MHz and 2500 to 6000MHz.
The designing of the apmlifiers will be based on gallium nitride and HEMT that is High electron mobility transistor technology that will be having a very high efficiency  and good thermal conductivity on an whole. it will be guided by Low energy consumption as well. This module will be capable of gaining 20, 35 40 and 60 or 100 W power options



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