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High efficiency AC/DC power supplies


Gresham Power Electronics have introduced a high efficiency internal and external AC/DC power supplies that will be meeting the standards of CEC level VI energy efficiency standards, that will be coming into actual effect from 10 February 2016.  If the OEM wants to export their products to US they need to maintain the standards as per records.

The TE60 family has external power supplies that has its output ranging from 10 W to 60 W that will be coming in higher power versions. It will be also available inTB65 that will have an open frame vision.  We will also be provided with Desktop and wall plug models that will regulate the power supply for output and the short circuit and thermal protection will also be guided through it. TB65 will be offering the suppliers RF and surge immunity in height of 1.3 inch of 65W convection cooled output power



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