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Helping inventors bring their ideas to market

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Industry designed Consultancy has been working to launch a service that will be tailoring the inventors to turn their bright ideas into reality. This service will be basically working with all the inventors to produce and share their ideas and queries to eliminate any further failure possibilities.  This is a whole new concept. Inventors are logically asked to submit their overview on the product idea than at the completion conference one to one meeting is made . Consultants discuss the ideas , any further requirements and technology in counter effect of the problems and short falls left . Further strategies for raising any funds to make the idea practical is deduced an apied to bring forward their bright ideas into lime light and practical use.

Stephen Knowles is the managing director of the Formation IDC, hde explains ” We will be surely helping the inventors by providing them with cost effective methods to avoid any delay in making their ideas fruitful it is a running and up process.” IDC has always had a supporting nature and history for funding any inventor and his bright ideas to make it real life application.


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