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Graphene nanoribbons get metallic


Researchers at Aalto University have been successful in making note that metallic graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) that are only 5 carbon atoms wide. The team has experimented and measure the electronic structure and the results were fascinating and extremely narrow and single thick ribbons were used to make the metallic interconnections in the microprocessors. These Graphene nanoribbons will be  the ideal wires for the future microprocessors and nanolectronics. as they will be having their wire size reduced to atomic scale. graphene is expected to outperform copper in terms of conductance and resistance to electromigration.

All the nanoribons graphene will be having a semiconducting interconnections. The team has taken the use of state of the art scanning technique to find the detailing.  This technique is also known as STM. With this technique they were allowed to show that teh ribbons that are longer than 5 nanometers have a metallic behavior.

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