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Graphene for ultra high speed printing


A new low cost ultra high speed method for printing using grapheme inks has been deduced.

It is therefore expected to open up new forums for effective and inexpensive printing process , which will be having intelligent packaging and some of the disposable sensors in it.  This has been developed by the researchers at the university of Cambridge along with the collaboration with Novalia. In this method they allow graphene to electrically charge with other materials that are added to the conventional water based inks and used in printing equipments in printing press at a high speed. Graphene is basically a two dimensional carbon atom sheet material, which is just one atom thick. It is heavily flexible, durable and transparent with super electrical conductivity.

“This method will allow us to put the electronic systems in the shape as we want because it is highly flexible in nature ” said Chris Jones. in present times the printed conductive patterns are the basic composition of  poorly conductive carbon and other materials normally silver, which is really expensive. They cost around

£1000  per kilogram, moreover silver is non recyclable, whereas graphene is easily recyclable. It is cheap and non toxic that making it fully environmental friendly. It is 25 times more cheaper.


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