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GaN has raised €5.7million for high speed power switching devices.

GaN has raised €5.7million for high speed power switching devices.

Gallium nitride pioneer Exagan has raised €5.7million from a scope of French associations and will utilize the money to deliver high speed power switching devices on 200mm wafers. Exagan was spun out from French examination body Leti and materials pro Soitec in 2014.

“This noteworthy first round of financing approves our endeavors in the course of recent years with Leti and Soitec to market GaN-on-silicon innovation and backings our dedication to furnish clients with qualified GaN gadgets in substantial volumes,” said Frédéric Dupont, Exagan’s CEO. “We are centered around offering our clients dependable, superior gadgets that are produced with mechanical accomplices effectively sourcing advances or items for the focused on business sectors.”

The financing round takes after Exagan’s late concurrence with foundry X-FABto produce gadgets on 200mm wafers focused at business sectors, for example, sun powered, car and IT hardware. It likewise has a key association with CEA-Leti, which is utilizing Exagan’s 650V G-FET stage to create applications with its modern accomplices.

Soitec CEO Paul Boudre noted: “Soitec is clearly amped up for this fruitful round of financing. Its GaN-on-silicon innovation, which influences our materials aptitude, opens fascinating open doors in encouraging markets, for example, electronics, automotive and energy.

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