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Future Technology: Smart TV



Future technology is bending its phase to a new era day by day that too dramatically soon there will be a Smart TV , it will be all big screen that will be integrated with computer system and at the same time enabling our favorite devices there in. The viewer will be able to have full multimedia control over it  like broadcasting, satellite , internet and the social media. This smart TV will have apps all the way similar to our smartphones that too having unlimited streaming .


To enhance the experience it will allow the  user to interact with the advertisement live. It will be multitasking seemlesly and you can also share programs there in .  The advertisers will be pay for the response click or the cost per impressions that is cpm. The free tv shows and movies will be all set to virtual level thus advertisers will reach the viewer specifically.  Moreover the sports person will be allowed to set the angle of the match according to their requirement and will. All of this entertainment will be searchable on your browser so you can watch specifically what interests you, when you want.

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