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Four and Six packs are unhealthy for you


Leena Mongre a celebrity fitness trainer has trained many of the Bollywood celebrities like Madhuri Dixit, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu she says that making six and eight-pack abs are becoming trends in Bollywood but it is not good at all. These six and eight parks are all the creation of Media, not also easily attained as it requires real hard work.  She highlighted the negative effects over our body by building the six and four abs. Body fat curbs a lot during this process almost negligible but fat being in the list of nutrients is important for our body. Mogre advised Bollywood that we should not only concentrate on short term goals rather on the long term goals. Similarly as Madhuri Dixit is still fit at this stage because she has been thinking always of long term goals.

Fitness focus person should avoid all type of steroids and should remain healthy by eating healthy.
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