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First integrated amplifier and balun in one package

First integrated amplifier and balun in one package_popup

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has recently introduced a broadband differential input RF amplifier that is claimed to have a simplified designing of the transistors that will utilise the RF digital to analogue converters and or integrate the receivers for the public safety infrastructure.the IDT F1423 is basicallya  high performance amplifier that will be a smallpackage and has different level of inputs aligned to the standard Tx outputs of the RF to integrate the transceivers.
The F1423 delivers wide bandwidth, from 600 to 3000MHz,  taht will be addressing the transmitter variety applications for a sigle device and thus ill also deliver  13dB typical gain, 20dB Common-Mode-Rejection-Ratio and linearity of 42dBm OIP3 @ 2000MHz.


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