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Feature code avoids biometric data passing across open networks


Fujitsu Laboratories has been developing a biometric data that can act as veins of  palm, turning into the cryptographic key. This approach will randomize the number to create a 2 Kbit coding that will be helpful in avoiding sending the same data again on the network. According to the developers team the previous technologies required some of the confidential data that has to be encrypted with using biometric data, then at the time of decryption, the featured data would have to be matched to the encrypted data, thus it was like a security risk when sending it through an open network like cloud.


To further resolve this issue the developers have come across the solution with random numbers to decrypt the confidential data using biometric data, thus now the decryption and encryption will be done using the biometric data , now not needing the cryptographic key management.  While encrypting the confidential data is converted to error connecting code and a random number is further added to its code. At the server side this random number is extracted and added to the encrypted code. Fujistu is now looking into the improvement of this whole process.


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