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Faster, cooler wireless charging of mobile devices

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L2Tek has recently released a new transmitter and receiver ICs that will be used in future devices to provide wireless charging and power management in the applications. This wireless power consumption (WPC) Qi certified and also PMA that is Power Matters Alliance certified chips are been claimed to deliver the high optimal efficiency  and the low stand by power mode also including the smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, wearable devices, bands and electronics designs and sensors. It will also be providing higher output powers .
This can be used with low power receiver applications with upto 5 W that will include the TS51221 regulators in it that will be switching between the frequency of 1 MHz to maintain the smaller components. The TS61001 is basically ahigh voltage field transmitter known as FET driver that can be used to drive N-channel devices in half and full-bridge configurations.


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