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Experience a ‘New World of Mobility’ with SUN Mobility at the Auto Expo 2023

SUN Mobility Auto Expo

Unveiling a reimagined change to Urban Mobility, through products Made in India, for the World

SUN Mobility, a leading provider of energy infrastructure and services for Electric Vehicles, will unveil an exciting piece of innovation in the EV refueling ecosystem at the Auto Expo 2023!

The upcoming national policy to promote battery-swapping technologies has paved the way for accelerating mass EV adoption in India. An ecosystem of players who are technology providers, manufacturers, users, and enablers of this solution is mushrooming across the country.

Pioneer in the battery swapping space, SUN Mobility aims to propel the adoption of 1 million EVs by 2025 by addressing some of the key EV adoption issues – high cost, range anxiety, long charging time, and lack of infrastructure. At present, SUN Mobility has deployed 212 Swap Points™ (each with a capacity to do over 200 battery swaps per day) across 18 cities in the country and has powered over 50 million emission-free km and over 2.7 million battery swaps so far.

With both eyes on the 2025 target, SUN Mobility will not just launch one but two innovative products, one of them being their all-new next-generation battery technology!

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