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Exhibitions India Group stands committed to building world-class and safe platforms for all stakeholders on Global Exhibitions Day

The Global Exhibitions Industry in Numbers:
  • Approximately 32,000 exhibitions take place annually across the globe
  • 4.5 million exhibitors, with 303 million+ visitors participate each year
  • 3.2 million jobs are supported, directly and indirectly, by exhibitions
  • USD 325 billion generated annually in terms of (direct, indirect) sales

Global Exhibitions Day (GED) is held to increase the visibility of trade fairs as economic assets. Held annually on the first Wednesday of June, Global Exhibitions Day 2020 focuses on the theme: ‘Exhibitions are key to rebuilding economies.’
GED 2020 is focussed on promoting exhibitions as a significant conduit for connecting, reconnecting, starting and rebuilding economies. Exhibitions contribute to economic and social developments on both regional and international scales. They encourage a rise in productivity, help create jobs, assist in economic & infrastructural development, and promote foreign investment into an economy.

GED 2020 comes at a time where the global exhibitions industry must reconsolidate to promote trade; marking an occasion to share hope and optimism, with a focus on the important role of exhibitions in reviving communities and economies.

As the world economy remerges from this pandemic, exhibitions and trade fairs will play a vital role in building confidence, unlocking business opportunities and renewing relationships, enabling all stakeholders to stand together in this time of crisis, as we forge a collective path towards recovery.

The Exhibitions India Group (EIG) stands committed to building world-class and safe platforms for our stakeholders from across the globe. We recognise the vital role that exhibitions play in facilitating trade, encouraging investments, and creating opportunities across industries.

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