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Exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal


A team was led by Henry Samulei who is the professor from School of Engineering and applied sciences that has created the strong structural light metal that is basically having very strength and modulus in nature. It has a stiff to weight property ratio as well. This new metal is basically composed of the metal composition of magnesium that is been infused in the ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles as well as having lighter  dispersal. This metal would be use in application such as airplanes, spacecraft and cars that will definitely improve the fuel efficiency of the overall automobile .

To create such kind of metal the team has taken up the way to disperse that nano particles in the molten state and thus maintain the established method to pave through the way for more performing light weight metals . This report was published in Nature. This structural metal will be used in vehicles and buildings that is just the two third of the density of aluminium.


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