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Ethernet PHY transceiver for harsh EMC requirements

Microchip Ethernet PHY transceiver for harsh EMC requirements_popup

Microchip has recently came up with a KSZ8061 single chip 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX automotive- and industrial-grade Ethernet physical-layer transceiver that is basically designed for the performances over the data communication and the low cost UTP cables. This chip will be based on the Quite Wire technology that will automatically provide it reduced line emission and a higher immunity presence . this increases the reliability of the device and overall system. This will provide advance cable  diagnosis in addition to it.

This will behave as an energy saving application that the Microchip will be integrated for the suitable applications hence forth that provide automotive rear view cameras. This packaging will be in 32 pin that is optional, and  5 x 5mm and 48-pin, 6 x 6mm QFN packages.


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