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Ensuring the UK has the right people in place to lead the next technological revolution


These are the group of men where there is Simon Segras,  Dr Meghan Groome, Ralph Rivera, director, BBC Digital, Prof Danielle George and Tom O’Leary from the Science Museum. Earlier to this month a panel was led by ARM’s CEO who was gathered at Science Museum London where there was a event called ” Technological revolution”.
Segar has talked about the role of technology in today’s life ensuring the increasing supplying chain of technologists. UK is going to do a lot more to encourage scientists, young generation, masterminds and technologists. To take interest in developing careers in STEM based related subjects.

Segar wants to ensure that STEm subjects should be such implied that they could interact and encourage the young minds in a way to appeal the students  both boys and girls and those who are good at maths and art. This technology has to be made to be accessible to all. and this should be taught and introduced in the curriculum as soon as possible.


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