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enLighten Australia launches wireless lightning controls


This smartsense control offers intelligent control over the industrial and house areas that will cover car park areas, plant areas and all those areas which have been left behind in innovation uptake. Traditionally buildings and commercial office fitouts , meeting rooms already have smart lightning controls.

According to Steve Cahill, enLighten CEO and head of the R&D team, the company worked to minimise the cost and complexity of its technology. Result came out to be a stand alone hard wiring. The smart sense controls system are like “set and forget”. A daylight sensor will automatically communicate with the light via a wireless signal, reducing setup complexity.
This smart technology will reduce costs, improve the flexibility and will extend product life and deliver energy savings. These result in a lower total cost of ownership.

According to Steve, the smartsense R&D process was driven by enLighten’s knowledge of the Australian Standards (AS1680), its extensive exposure to car park lighting which exposed high levels of non compliance for car park entry threshold lighting.

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