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Enhanced accuracy, increased speed and greater convenience

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Queensgate has recently launched  NPC-D-5200 that is a standalone digital controller which will be used by the company’s closed loop actuators that will be delivering dynamic accuracy and performance to its platform. This NPC -D- 5200 has been incorporated in a precise capacitive measurement circuit that will be updated in the stage position 120,000 times per second. it has been assumed that it will provide high accuracy at the speed. It has been recorded for the power rating of -30 to 150 V in 160mA under continuous current flow.  It acquires low noise technology and thus it has been reduced so that the majority is implemented. It measures its noise in picometre.

The NPC-D-5200 controller  measures 268 x 194 x 70mm and weighs around  1.7kg. It has inbulit  USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces, thus the connectivity is not only restricted it has been flexibility maximised .The unit has an temperature range that covers 10 to 40°C.


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