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Embedded SoC ‘pushes the boundaries’.

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AMD has recently launched the R series of its SoCs that will be working under embedded applications According to the Colin Cureton  who is the senior manager of the AMD embedded who said that “ There will be a lot of things that would be happening in AD technologies. It will also be including more amount of multimedia content in it that will not be limited to just viewing but also to interact with the same. “
This R series will be called as Merlin Falcon that will be smaller in factor to application segment for in use of medical imaging and the controls. This will also be showcasing the AMD’s Excavator core that will help in supporting 15 percent more instruction super clock as well.  According to the team the power consumption control has bee the main target and it will function between 12 W to 35 W along with the BIOS and operating system.  It will provide the user with five parts with a choice of dual or quad core processor as per their demand that will be running on the speed of 3.4GHz.

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