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Development platform for wearable devices


This is a development platform that will be used in low power wearable applications and devices that has been launched by the Lattice Semiconductor. It is based on the iCE40 ultra FPGA, that has a feature larger than numbers of sensors and its peripherals.  According to the Ting Chen who is the marketing manager this is the most popular application that is gowning to emerge on Internet of Things market under the warbles devices. It has high potential to the applications and their strict power management requirements. It is challenging to accept a semiconductor platform that features the right combination of low power operation and peripheral support.”
Under the hardware section it is supported by the iEC40 ultra wearable development platform that has a 1.5 inch  display in it which provides high resolution and brightness with IR , LED , Bluetooth and 32 MB flash memory . This has the application to measure heart rate, skin temperature and pressure.
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