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Designer crystals for next-gen electronics


Liquids are often taken as

kryptonite of electronics, known for damaging and corroding components. There is a new process that is more powerful and faster to design and grow the crystals of new bread this process will be using vapour. This method is been invented by a team of scientist of

University of Leuven in Belgium, the National University of Singapore and CSIRO. This is for the very first time when the reserchers are showing how to design teh crystal that is known as the metal organic framework  or MOF that will be produced using vapoyur method .

Crystals are basically world’s most porous of all teh materials that will be helpful in bossting the processing power eventually. Now according to CSIRO researcher Mark Styles (right), up until now these crystals  will only be grown using a liquid solvent, making them unsuitable for electronics applications. They will be having large surface area and cab be 80 percent empty form inside.


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