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Cost-effective dimmable LED driver delivers triac compatibility

Cost effective dimmable LED driver delivers triac compatibility_popup

Diodes incorporated has recently released a new LED driver named AL1696LED that has been designed to range of triac dimmable lightning application uses. this is basically a integrated MOSFET that will be eliminating the need of the auxilary winding, and reduce the BDM cost of the component count . There will be option f three MOSFET voltage / current that will be further providing flexibility for meeting all the manufacturing needs in respect to the residential lightning.

This AL1696 LED module is normally based on the buck boost technology that has been incorporated in it ti implement the constant current conversions with a high power operating mode on connection front. It also claims to reduce the switching  noise and proide easy EMI/EMC testing and other qualifications . This device will owrk on the currnt sense tolerance of ±3%. The device features a low operating current of 120µA, with a 150µA start-up current, and is compatible with leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmers.


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