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Contact Lenses with “The Terminator” Mode!!


We  have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie ” The Terminator” where he has check out profile of the full subject. a similar technology has been built up by the scientist of University of Washington by Babak Parviz. According to him he has designed a lens that will be used to display a single pixel at a time. and that view can be switched on and off through a wireless medium. This lens basically consist of an IC that basically stores the energy along with an LED built in to shoot forward in the eye. But it can not intercept to close objects. It has been solved by using counter lenses in between the eyes and the object similar to the magnifying glass.

Till now it only displays a pixel but later on it will be made available to display PC, Car , fridge etc big items also. This technology will later be used to bring virtual images in the real world. It will be having a controlled circuit and a radio included in it. This lens was basically first tested on the animals without any safety problems.


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