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CMOS circuit powered by ATP; holds promise of bioelectronic systems





Columbia University Researchers are set to use Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as their source of power for the integrated circuits. This team has coupled up with a CMOS circuit that has an artificial lipid bilayer that contains ATP in it and that could open  up doors for creation of biological soli state components as well. According to Professor Ken Shepherd “ By combining a electronic device CMOS with biological cells will create a new system era that will not be just technology alone. It will be a way to harvest energy and give chips a sense to smell and taste things. “


Basically in living systems energy is stored in the lipids membranes that transport the energy where it is generated to where it has to be consumed. In presence of ATP the system will be pumping the energy across the membranes that produces the electrical potentials by the chip.  Accordingly this will be working a  new insight of the gernalised systems.

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