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Carbon nanotubes boost dielectric capacitor energy density

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Researchers of Unioversity of Delware and the Chinese academy has recently marked use of nanotechnology to boost up the energy density of the capacitors that are dielectric in nature. The success key being the new capacitor is said to have a intelligent design through which it significantly decreases the distance between the opposite electrodes and therefore making it more able to store the charge. This capacitor will be a future Nano scale electrode that will have  breakthrough voltage that means it may function as an insulator more readily.

According to Delaware’s Professor Bingqing Wei “ We have been successful in achieving a density of about 2w/kg that is very high than the other dielectric capacitors. “

According to the team of the scientists it was assumed that the capacitor design will include accessory power supply and also the hybrid power. To their knowledge it will be the first ever 3D nanoscale interdigital electrodes that will be brought in practice

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