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CANbus I/O module targets rugged networked applications

CAN IO module targets rugged networked applications_popup

Diamond systems has just unveiled that they have launched the  Janus-MM-LP range of CANbus 2.0 I/O modules, that claims to have features such as port plus rates for the data that is upto 1 Mbps . This will be rugged I/O modules that will thus offering the 2 or 4 CAN  ports and are available in compact PC/104 and PC/104-Plus form factors.

The Janus-MM-LP-XT range of I/O modulestakes up the four or two opto isolated CAN 2.0B ports that will be available for both the PC as well as the PCI+ ISA and PC /104 bus configuration son theosophists. These can controllers are operated under the section of the FPGA cores and features extended device identities  along with TX and RX messages.

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