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Breath Like A Fish




Future technology is growing day by day like a big ocean and now they have deduced a way to allow us to breath like a fish under water. As a fish uses its gills to breath and take oxygen for its survival now humans will be performing the same art. Alan Izhar Bodner of California University has invented an apparatus that will be extracting out air from the water for the breathing purpose.

Logically seawater consists of  1.5 to 2.5% air, under which  34% of which is oxygen. Air simply dissolves in water as the pressure increases thus in the same way it can be released from water when the pressure is decreased .This is known as “Henry’s Law”. Bodner has used the centrifuge method to separate air from water that has been dissolved to transfer it into a container that will hold the air as a source of oxygen for the diver . This technology will be highly useful in case of submarines and underwater habitats.

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