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Automotive SoC features ARM cores, PowerVR graphics


Renesas electronics has recently revealed the third generation R Car , that is basically an automotive SoC targeted  at the safety and at the vehicle infotainment systems. This deice will be featuring the ARm cortex A57 and A53 cores init that will be helpful in boosting the processing performances of the system . It will also be integrated in ImaginationTechnologies Powe VR GX6650 GPU along with parallel programmable engine that has advance recognition technology inbuilt in it.

As per Renesas the R car H3 will be equipped with computing capabilities that are available in large processes in information from the vehicle sensors accurately ion of course real time scenario. it will also deal with complex processing such as obstacle detection and driver status recognition and also the hazard protection times.Manufactured on a 16nm process, the device is sampling, but mass production is not planned until Q1 2018, with 100,000 units a month being manufactured in 2019.


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