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Automotive LDO regulator suited to high temperature applications

Automotive LDO regulator suited to high temperature applications_popup

Seiko Instruments has recently released the S-19200 Series  LDO automatic regulator that works on 50V of voltage and has a high heat dissipation and a volume of around 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.3mm. This IC will be suitable for the automotive ECU’s and in applications such as providing power supplies for automotive interior applications. This takes 50V maximum input voltage and its operating temperature moves up to 125 degree celsius. this enables the operation at high temperature applications hence forth. This device consumption of the energy is  4.0µA it also allows the IC to work under load fluctuations.  The output accuracy is relatively high that is  ±1.0% and a ceramic capacitor of 0.1µF or more is used to maintain the  input and output capacitors.

Talking about its additional features it has protection over current to the circuit. It has a thermal shut down and an on and off circuit connected to it. This package is purely lead and Halogen free.




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