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Analogue front end reference design


As we move towards higher bit counts the systems become more and more sensitive to noise. Thus making it difficult to built accuracy. Fot this respect Maxim Integrated has launched the MAXREFDES67 that is a 24 bit analogue front panel that has been designed to accept four signals. MAXREFDES67 is been taken as the most high performing analogue reference design that has been built as said by David Andeen who is the director of reference designing.  It will also be featuring a ” Beyond the rails” signal chain that will enable the system to process the bias voltages for each of its components.

 It is been claimed that is has an effective resolution of 32 bit and a l;ow temperature  ±0.1°C to range between -40 to 150 C. According to the company Maxim states that it has a universal input for Current, RTD and thermocouple inputs. It also does not need any jumpers and is 100 percent software compatible.

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